Download Hike Messenger App Links

Download Hike Messenger App Links

Hike messenger was developed in the year 2012 by Hike Ltd., already reached to millions of likes, and the app is available on the Android Play Store, iOS itunes, Windows Store, Blackberry repository and other sites. Download Hike app by using the following hike links for any mobile device, either to your mobile phone or your tablet, or even your personal computer, PC and Mac using an emulator. Some Hike features are: Hike Direct, Hide Chat, Free Stickers, Free Hike Calls, Hike Offline, Chat Themes and amazing Games.

Hike Mobile Version

hike for Android

hike for iPhone iOS

hike for Windows Phone

hike for BlackBerry

hike for Nokia s60 series

not available for Amazon Phone

not available for Firefox OS

not available for Samsung Bada

Hike Tablet Version

hike for Android Tablet

hike for iPad

hike for Windows Phone Tablet

hike for BlackBerry Tablet

not available for Amazon Tablet

not available for Firefox Tablet

Hike Desktop Version

not available for Windows PC

not available for Mac OS

not available for Linux

(You should need this emulator for desktop devices. Hike Emulator for PC & Mac is Bluestacks )

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